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Event Calendar - LIC BAR

Live music every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday

Monday, December 1st
7:30pm Anthony Cekay Group feat Billy Ryan
9pm Dave Hassell Quintet
10pm Matthew Snow Group

Wednesday, December 3rd
7pm Samantha Mariano
8pm Montgomery Streets
9pm Kyle Lacy
10pm American Opera

Thursday, December 4th
5-8pm Long Island City Official Tree Lighting Party feat music
by The Charlie Brown Christmas Trio plus holiday storytelling for the kids
by Ali Silva.

Saturday, December 6th
5pm Fundraising Event for “Empty Cages Collective”
Featuring live music by The Gantry at 6pm.
11pm-1am No Biggity

Sunday December 7th 
Big City Folk Sunday Social
5pm Ryan Alvanos
6pm Joaquin Garcia
7pm Brandon Wilde

Monday, December 8th
8pm Victoria Levy
9pm Beki Brindle Scala
10pm Finn Miller

Wednesday, December 10th
8pm Billy Woodward
9pm Angela Elia
10pm Sarah Kervin

Saturday, December 13th
Big City Folk presents
Magic Bones

Sunday, December 14th
Sunday December 14th 
Big City Folk Sunday Social Early Start
4pm Zuni Mountain Boys 
5pm Jessi James 
6pm Niall Connolly

7:30-10:30pm Special Charity Event Show with live music featuring
Melanie Lynx, Atrel & Aman Khosla

Monday, December 15th
8pm Marcela Alcala
9pm Ay Balazo
10pm Os Clavelitos

Wednesday, December 17th
7pm Molly & Dani
8pm Chris Shamkin
9pm Shelly Bhushan
10pm Shotgun Wedding

Saturday, Dec 20th
Big City Folk Presents
Jasper Lewis

Sunday Dec 21st
Big City Folk Sunday Social 
5pm Ryan Morgan 
6pm TBC
7pm Niall Connolly

Monday, December 22nd
8pm Wind Through Wires
9pm That Shuffle
10pm Natalie Fabian

Wednesday, December 24th

Saturday, December 27th
Silbin Sandovar & Anthony Rizzo

Sunday Dec 28th
Big City Folk Sunday Social
5pm Raphael Shapiro 
6pm Don Paris Schlotman
7pm Jo Kroger

Monday, December 29th
8pm Donald & Lydia
9pm The Fremonts
10pm Andrew Hammond

Wednesday, December 31st
LIC Bar’s New Year’s Eve Celebration
Featuring live music by BIG DOG RUN

$20.00 cover

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