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Event Calendar - LIC BAR

Live music every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday



Monday, August 1st
8pm Eddy Marshall
9pm Carlos Casada Project
10pm Stephanie Vezina

Wednesday, August 3rd
8pm Donald & Lydia
9pm Marissa Dwyer
10pm Ro Fino

Saturday, August 6th
Bad Toupee

Sunday, August 7th
3pm Washington Square Winds
4pm Chris Shamkin
5pm John Guari’s Guilty Treasures
6-8pm Mieka Pauley

Monday, August 8th
8-10pm Serena Jost, Matt Robinson & Dmitri Shapira
10pm Lindsey Wilson & The Human Hearts Trio

Wednesday, August 10th
8pm Allegra Levy
9pm Tom Shaner
10pm David Farrell Melton

Saturday, August 13th
Noon - 8pm
Big City Folk Festival 
Niall Connolly, E.W. Harris, Maude Gun, The Travelers, Sterling Rhyne, Dolphins Don't Love, The Morning Sea, Colin Campbell, Lanusa, Jim from Kansas, Ryan Morgan, Valdaniel Martins
August 13th 11pm
Magic Bones

Sunday, August 14th
Noon -8pm
Big City Folk Festival 
Youth in a Roman Field, August Wells, St. Lenox, Jo Kroger, Jasper Lewis, Lara Ewen, Richard McGraw, Warren Malone, C- Kay, Chris Michael, Imran Ahmed, Paul Tabachneck


Monday, August 15th
8pm Anewchi
9pm Eran Polat
10pm Brian Halloran

Wednesday, August 17th
7:30pm Courtney Cowart
8pm Boy Band
9pm Shelly Bhushan
10pm My Son Bison

Saturday, August 20th
Fish Hunter

Sunday, August 21st
4-6pm Ransom Pier
6pm Christine Cherry
7pm Transit Beat MC Mass

Monday, August 22nd
8pm Phil Deniston & Friends Bluegrass Band
9pm The Queen’s Cartoonists
10pm Felix Slim

Wednesday, August 24th
8pm Interface Theory
9pm Lizzie & The Makers
10pm Bucky Hayes

Saturday, August 27th
Magic Bones
Sunday, August 28th
4-8pm Pat Irwin & Friends feat. Sasha Dobson,
Daria Grace & J. Walter Hawkes

Monday, August 29th
8pm Spring Brooks
9pm Cam Mizell
10pm The Lost Wayne

Wednesday, August 31st
8pm Craig Kierce
9pm Carla D’Amore
10pm Kyle Lacy & Warren Malone

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