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Event Calendar - LIC BAR

Live music every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday

St. Patrick's Fest For All - LIC BAR

Sunday March 1st 5pm - 8pm
Big City Folk Sunday Social
Bryan Dunn
a million creatures
Niall Connolly

Monday, March 2nd
8pm Jet Screamer
9pm Victoria Levy
10pm Finn Miller

Wednesday, March 4th
7pm Betsey Long
8pm David Perry
9pm Orphan Jane

Saturday, March 7th
No Biggity

Sunday March 8th 5pm - 8pm
Big City Folk Sunday Social
Jennifer Messner
Steve Meyone
Jasper Lewis

Monday, March 9th
7:30pm Anthony Cekay Band
9pm The Queens Cartoonists
10pm Beyond All Limits

Wednesday, March 11th
8pm Chris Shamkin
9pm Kathy Zimmer
10pm The Southern Ocean

Saturday, March 14th
John Schmitt

Sunday March 15th 5pm - 8pm
Big City Folk Sunday Social
Paddy's Weekend 
Jasper Lewis 
Luke Cosgrave
Dee Gavin

Monday, March 16th
St Paddy’s Week at LIC Bar:
8-10pm Jon Christopher

Tuesday, March 17th
7:30-10:30p LIC Bar’s Annual St Pat’s Tribute to Van Morrison!

Wednesday, March 18th
7pm Paul Luc
8pm Jo Williamson
9pm Nik Westman
10pm Tim Pourbaix

Saturday March 21st 11pm
Magic Bones

Sunday March 22nd 5pm - 8pm
Big City Folk Sunday Social
Josh Taylor
Jasper Lewis

Monday, March 23rd
7pm Bill Bartholomew
8pm Pinkwing
9pm Whitney Lockert
10pm John Sheckler

Wednesday, March 25th
8pm Phantom Pop
9pm Shelly Bhushan

Thursday, March 26th 8pm
Audrey DiMola’s “Nature of The Muse” Reading Series
Live in the carriage house theatre

Saturday March 28th 11pm
Magic Bones

Sunday March 29th 5pm - 8pm
Big City Folk Sunday Social
Zuni Mountain Boys
Jasper Lewis

Monday, March 30th
7pm Sam Trapchak
8pm Dylan Maida
9pm Coyote Anderson
10pm Ben Patterson

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