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Event Calendar - LIC BAR

Live music every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday

Saturday, Jan 3rd 11pm-1am
No Biggity

Sunday, Jan 4th 5pm -8pm
Big City Folk Sunday Social
Randy Burns
Jim Petrie
Niall Connolly

Monday, Jan 5th
8pm Rhythm Method
9pm The Hive
10pm That Shuffle

Wednesday, Jan 7th
7pm Jonah Delso
8pm Jack Adams
9pm The Lowliest One
10pm Daniel King

Saturday, Jan 10th 11pm
Magic Bones

Sunday, Jan 11th 5pm- 8pm 
Big City Folk Sunday Social
Those Sensible Shoes
Scott Barkan
Niall Connolly 

Monday, Jan 12th
8pm Nick Kadajaski
9pm Dan Saulpaugh
10pm Addison Frei

Wednesday, Jan 14th
8pm Billy Conahan
9pm Danny Leonard
10pm Marissa Dwyer

Saturday, Jan 17th 11pm
Jasper Lewis Duo

Sunday, Jan 18th 5-8pm
Big City Folk Sunday Social
The Travelers
Chris Michael
Niall Connolly

Monday, Jan 19th
7:30 Anthony Cekay Band
9pm Mario Loor
10pm Matt Snow Group

Wednesday, Jan 21st
7pm Tosh Sheridan
8pm Mixed Doubles
9pm Oracle Room
10pm The Southern Ocean

Saturday Jan 24th 11pm 
Magic Bones

Sunday, Jan 25th 5pm- 8pm
Don Paris Schlotman
Zuni Mountain Boys
Niall Connolly

Monday, Jan 26th
8pm Kathy Zimmer
9pm That’s What She Said Band
10pm MinJin Seo

Wednesday, Jan 28th
7pm Scott Krokoff
8pm Nimesh Gandhi
9pm Cait & The Critters
10pm Nick Horner Family

Thursday, Jan 29th

Saturday, Jan 31st 11pm-1am
Silbin Sandovar & Friends

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