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PLEase read our booking policy
Before you submit your request make sure you understand our policy.



*We have live music every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday at LIC Bar. Please do not request gigs for other nights of the week. We contact bands ourselves if there is a show opportunity for another night.

*We generally do not book cover bands, we primarily cater to musicians playing original work. Once in a while we make exceptions if the band has something special that separates it from the pack (ie some "tribute bands" or acts with a very significant draw)

*We like to book music from all kinds of genres: pop, folk, rock, jazz, country R&B, reggae, latin & world music. Music that is
of a very high or excessive volume does not really fit with our format.

*PAYMENT: LIC BAR does not pay guarantees for the majority of its shows. We pass the tip jar for you once toward the end of your performance. Bands with four or less members get 2 drink tix each. Bands with 5 or more members get one drink ticket apiece.

*LIC Bar has two performance spaces. Our indoor stage is in use year-round, our-one of a kind outdoor garden performance space is used from late May till early September weather permitting.

*The great majority of our shows are no cover.

*Since we are a drinking establishment--we don't encourage "all-ages" shows. If you are a band with a following of people mostly under 21, this is not the gig/venue for you.

*A free buffet is served for the music show for both audience and musicians @ 8:45pm (Mondays only)

*We do welcome touring performers please contact us for more details.

*Yes, we have backline and a full sound system. And yes, every show has a sound person/host/MC present. See below for more details.

*To ensure being invited back for future bookings at LIC Bar please make sure you do all of the following:

1) Please promote your show: (your website, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter)
We promote all shows on our website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We expect musicians to do their part as well to make each show a success.

2) You are expected to draw people to your show--we cater toward original music--there is no "built-in crowd" waiting to
hear your music. Acts that can't draw will most likely not be invited back. If you or your band have no following or draw,
please do not request an LIC Bar gig.

Draw expectations (Mondays & Wednesdays)
8pm slot 10 people min
9pm slot 15 people min
10pm slot 10 people min

(Sunday Social)
5pm slot 10 people min
6pm slot 15 people min
7pm slot 15 people min

Acts that draw well will be acts that will be considered for special paid gigs when they are available!

3) PLEASE DO NOT BOOK ANY OTHER NYC area shows within two weeks of your LIC Bar show without contacting or consulting with us first.
If we learn that you or your band are booked to play at a venue in Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn too close to your LIC Bar date, we reserve the right to terminate your booking and or not invite you back to perform.

4) Please HANG A POSTER OR FLIER for your gig on our bulletin board at least one week prior to the show (manditory if you have a 9pm slot or paid gig) You can also mail it to LIC Bar c/o Gus Rodriguez 45-58 Vernon Blvd Long Island City, NY 11101

5) Let us know your exact setup (mics, drums, amps) no later than 24 hours prior to show

6) Please arrive at the venue no later than one hour prior to performance for load in.

7) Punctuality is critical. Our shows must begin and end on time as advertised due to our neighborhood curfew (and out of courtesy to other musicians waiting to play). If you have an elaborate setup please let us know how we can best get you set up and off the stage in a timely manner.

*Soundchecks are available but only when scheduled in advance

LIC BAR's Backline:

Pearl Vision Drum Kit (drummers only need to bring cymbals)
Ampeg BA112HP Bass amp
Fender Deluxe Reverb guitar amp

Full sound system including
Three vocal mics (Shure SM58s) and three instrument mics (SM57s)
One keyboard stand and bench

music stands

MUSICIANS please notify us of your set up no later than 24 hours before your performance: ie if you require drums, amps, # of mics etc.

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