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all musicians please read below
 Please find all needed information below
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if you are looking to book a show or would like to play at lic bar


Gustavo Rodriguez
music director/senior booker

send your demos

For Sunday shows
fall & winter season


tech specs and available equipment

Pearl Vision Drum Kit

(drummers only need to bring cymbals)
Ampeg BA112HP Bass amp, Fender Deluxe Reverb guitar amp

Full sound system including
Three vocal mics (Shure SM58s), and three instrument mics (SM57s), 2 Samson monitor wedges.

Please notify us of your set up no later than 24 hours before your performance: ie if you require drums, amps, # of mics etc.

LIC BAR also equipped with a "REAL DJ BOOTH"
- 1 pair of Technics 1200 turntables
- 1 pair of Pioneer CDJ200 cd players
- 4 Channel Behringer DJ Mixer

WE DO NOT HAVE THE FOLLOWING: piano/keyboards music stands


Read our booking policy before submitting your request.
Read Here
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